Koh Lipe & Koh Adang in March 2020

Koh Lipe and Koh Adang

I started my long trip more than one week ago. From Finland to Koh LIpe the travel time was 25 hours (3 flights, shuttle bus, speed boat). Before Lipe I decided to rest one day at Hat Yai, near the airport. That was a good decision and the hotel near the airport was better than I expected!

Travel time from Hat Yai to Lipe was about 5 hours. And then I reached my first real destination. First feelings of the island was ok. I just quickly wanted to find a hotel and then go to the beach! I knew this was gonna be quite expensive island. But still I was surprised how expensive even the very modest rooms were. I stayed in Lipe for three days and every night in different hotel. They all went over my budget.

General feeling of the island was just ok. The colour of the water was amazing. Sunrise Beach with white sand was like picture perfect. Otherwise the inside of the island wasn’t so pretty. Not very idyllic. The “walking street” was more like scooter street and was quite annoying to walk there.

I stayed only two days in Koh Lipe and from there jumped into the longtail boat. It was only ten minutes boat trip to Koh Adang. The more peaceful neighbor island. I thought that would be more my kind of place. And it really was. I enjoyed the quietness and general feeling of the island. I saw monkeys and lizards at the hotel area. I really enjoyed watching them. Then my favourite thing was walking thru the jungle and climbing up to the view point. Nobody told me beforehands how hard the climbing would be! So it took me by surprise. The trail was easy to find but it was quite steep and long. And most of the trail was sunny and the temperature was like +35 degrees celsius. But when I reached the last point 3, I was really happy and enjoyed the perfect view. It was worth the sweaty climbing. Also going down was quite hard because of bad knees and slippery shoes. But It was a good workout for that day.

After two days in Adang I went back to Lipe, spend one more night there and continued my trip to next destination Koh Lanta…

But now pictures from Lipe and Andang – enjoy!

Southern Airport Hatyai

breakfast with blue rice

Koh Lipe; sunrise beach

Sunrise beach and lovely clean water

Lipe sunrise beach

Lipe; sunrise beach and Koh Adang ahead

Koh Lipe; one tiny school

Koh Lipe; local house

Koh Lipe; my 60 eur hotel room 😉

Koh Lipe; one of the many funny reggae bars

Koh Lipe; sunset

And then moving to Koh Adang

Leaving Koh Lipe, sunrise beach and heading to Koh Adang

Adang Island resort

Adang island resort

Adang island monkeys

Adang island monkeys

Adang island small lizard

Adang island jungle trail

Koh Adang; view point and ahead Koh Lipe



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