My South-Thailand trip during Covid-19; March 2020

My South-Thailand trip during Covid-19; March 2020

I have to admit my plans didn’t go exactly the way I wished. My planned 11 weeks holiday in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos turned into 3 weeks in South-Thailand. As we all know Covid-19 turned all upside down and the whole world went crazy…

But I was able to see some of the places of my planned trip. And that was better than nothing. Because of the virus, I mostly used private taxi even for long distances. I tried to avoid airports and also public transportation. I also followed Thai live virus tracker and was able to avoid all high-risk places. The app was really good! (

When I started my trip, things in Thailand were quite normal. But after one week, things started to change. Neighbour countries begun to shut down their borders. Also Thailand started to make some changes. Shops and hotels were closing down. Boats and airplanes stopped running. I realized that I had to suspend my holiday. That was the only right decision at the very exceptional situation.

So the journey was very special and I will never forget it. Very glad I stayed healthy. It was really interesting to see empty places and beaches. Sometimes I was the only person in the whole hotel. That was kind of weird feeling. Thai people treated me nicely as always. 

My route was this; HEL – Bangkok – Hat Yai – Koh Lipe – Koh Lanta – Khao Lak – Chumphon – Koh Tao – Chumphon – Hua Hin – Bangkok – HEL.

My favourite place was Koh Tao! I liked it in every way. The ocean was clean and beach was lovely! The island was quite small but not too small. There were a lot of steep hills so walking around the island was good exercise! I have a feeling that I must return to Koh Tao some day…

Koh Lipe was overrated and I was a bit disappointed. Would not go there again. Hotels were extremely expensive, not worth the money. Of course the Sunrise Beach was amazing, but that was the only special thing there. Koh Adang, the smaller neighbor island was nice and quiet. I liked it!

Koh Lanta was also nice. Hotel by the beach was really cheap. Lots of Swedish people there. In Koh Lanta I saw the most beautiful sunset of the whole trip. The sky was really amazing. Colors of the sky changed from yellow into red and purple. That was extremely beautiful.

Khao Lak was clearly favourite of Finnish people. I found a hotel like a paradise so I stayed there for 4 days. I was swimming and running a lot. And also hiking. There was a natural park near the hotel. No drugs, no weapons and no mafia….

My last destination was Hua Hin. I had never seen beach so long and empty of people. Because of the tight restrictions I mostly stayed in my hotel room. I booked a nice room with terrace and sea view. Because the beach was empty I was able to go running. I was glad nobody banned that.

So my trip was very exceptional this time. I will wait until the situation is normal again and continue my trip as planned. That might take some months or a year but that is ok.

And now my trip with pictures. Enjoy!


Koh Lipe Sunrise Beach and ahead Koh Adang


D.R. Lanta Bay Resort; good value for the money & needy cat always at your terrace

Koh Lanta sunset

and when the colours changed

Koh Lanta sunset

Koh Lanta beach was good for running


information at Khao Lak natural park

Natural park lizard with a very long tong

and a smaller lizard

My paradise: Moracea by Khao Lak Resort

I really enjoyed swimming. Hotel had 5 big pools. Lots of room there to swim.

Khao Lak beach life


The best coffee I have ever had – Stopped there on the way from Khao Lak to Chumphon. It was a very cosy place.


Some cute dogs of Chumphon

plan B if hotels close down 😉


nice slide 🙂

harbour area

quiet beach life

colour of the sea was lovely

my lovely cottage by the sea!

no rush on the beach

viewpoint – it was a tough road to climb!

view point cafe

Tiny island near by Koh Tao

lovely views from my cottage terrace


when sun goes down

sunset feelings


chicken with cashew nuts

my favourite food was chicken with cashew nuts


fresh fruits

my favourite delicacy; mango

my trips will continue when the borders open again…